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Bingo Tips

Bingo is purely a game of chance, just like its origin - the lottery. There's no way a Bingo player can manipulate which numbers will be drawn. There's no way to predict which Bingo card will have the winning pattern.

There are no set rules or techniques that a bingo player can strictly follow to ensure a win.

However, here are useful bingo tips to help you make your Bingo experience more fun, exciting and hopefully, profitable!

  1. Carefully choose where to play Bingo. When a bingo hall is packed, look for other bingo halls to play in. If there are fewer players, then there are fewer cards in play. If you have as many cards as you can comfortably play and there are fewer cards in play, due to lower crowds, then you have a larger percent of cards in play and a larger chance of winning.

  2. Gain experience. Like anything in life, experience is our best ally. Start by joining bingo clubs where one can get insights on bingo from co-members who may have been into bingo games for several years. From there, a novice bingo player can participate in small-town bingo games, not so much for the prizes at stake but more for gaining several game insights.

  3. Check a bingo hall's reputation. Read bingo hall reviews, especially online bingo halls. Bingo site reviews are quite crucial particularly since several bingo sites operate under highly fraudulent settings. Fly-by-night online bingo halls may refuse to give the appropriate prize to the winner. A well-reputed online bingo site, however, will most likely play fair and square.

  4. Check for prize bonuses. Highly-reputed bingo sites usually offer bonus games and these are actually excellent opportunities for inexperienced bingo lovers to gradually improve on their plays.

  5. Play only the cards that you can watch. Bingo also happens to be a game of control but this will not happen if a player has lots of cards in his hand. When the cards are generally few in numbers, it is usually easier to identify the winning digits.

  6. Check and carefully dab the called out numbers. Additionally, one should exercise caution when marking off the numbers. This should naturally include double checking them, making sure that they correspond to the called out versions.

  7. Share the wealth when you win. Toss out a lucky dollar to those around you when you win or buy a card for a co-player. You never know when you will want one more game when your wallet says it's time to go! And if they win a larger jackpot, they could return the lucky dollar ten fold! Especially if they win with your lucky dollar!

  8. Make sure you cover up a mistake. Example you dabbed G 56 instead of 57. Use a different color to dab it with. You wouldn't want to mistakenly call out bingo, would you?

  9. Use 2 dabbers of different colors. This is particularly effective when playing games like odd/even or 6-4-9-. It helps when you and the caller are checking your numbers.

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